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Dubai has rapidly grown into a leading tourism and real estate capital of the world. It has gained the status of a progressive employment capital. A lot of international companies in the field of construction, hospitality, finance, media etc are setting business in Dubai. They need a lot of qualified staff to work with them and hence there are great job opportunities here....

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Dubai, the shopping capital of the Middle East, is a shopper’s paradise! What better way to spend your leisure time and beat the Dubai heat than go on a shopping spree in one of the many classy air-conditioned shopping malls which adorn the Dubai landscape.....

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Besides the Burj-al-Arab, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotel accommodation which is generally considered to be of very high standard and great value for the money. The range includes everything from budget hotel Dubai accommodation to luxury hotels. ...

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Burj Dubai

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the tallest tower of them all? Very soon the answer will be “Burj Dubai”. Burj Dubai is an Arabic word which means "Dubai Tower" when translated to English. This soon to be the tallest man made structure in the world is currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ...

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Exquisite Dubai Dining & Dubai Restaurants

Dubai has a vibrant restaurant scene that draws much of the attention and interest of not only foreign visitors but also the local affluent residents of Dubai who would like to experience the taste of exquisite dining in Dubai restaurants. With hundreds of Dubai restaurants to choose from, looking for places to eat in Dubai can be very irresistible and overwhelming.

Dubai restaurant


In many Dubai restaurants, most people say that locals know all the best places to eat in Dubai . Therefore it is very vital for every traveller who is browsing over Dubai restaurants to first seek the advice and comments of local Dubai diners, who are much experienced in choosing the best Dubai restaurant, before making a decision on which places to eat in Dubai should be chosen.

The best Dubai restaurants are also located in Dubai hotels that house famous chefs from all over the globe. At present, the best and well-known Dubai restaurants are not confined within the four walls of hotels in Dubai. A good Dubai restaurant and other perfect places to eat in Dubai can also be found scattered around the metropolitan area. And if a traveler is in search for something more than just food, various Dubai restaurants and other exquisite restaurants in Dubai which serve the best cuisines may be easily found just around every corner.

One can observe that the Dubai restaurant scene has established Friday brunch is a tradition of dining. The Dubai restaurants in the city offer families expatriates, travelers and tourists with a very pleasant meal. It would, then, be helpful for travelers who would want to taste the finest of restaurants in Dubai to check out weekly listings in local publications

Dining dubaiPlaces to eat in Dubai are not limited to the Dubai restaurants alone. It is pleasurable for most travelers to also find well-loved American fast foods, which are located in the metropolis that includes Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chillis, McDonaldds and Starbucks. The grandness of the places to eat in Dubai and the food that is served is anchored on the variety of cuisine that is suited for varying tastes.

For travellers who love to snack, there are a number of specilally prepared food that is available in every Dubai restaurant. The irresistible Shawarma is the most loved snack in the Middle East and can be found in most places to eat in Dubai. The meat in the Shawarma is cooked according to one’s preference and stuffed into a pita bread with various vegetables and unique tasting dressing made from different spices; this indeed is well in demand and can be found in many Dubai restaurants.

Dubai restaurants are famous for the broad variety of cuisines. Restaurants in Dubai offer a wide choice and ranges of all famous cuisines from all over world. The places to eat in Dubai have a bustling and competitive environment, which results to the best services offered to travellers at very good prices, that is offered in any well-loved Dubai restaurant.

The international touch of Dubai restaurants is enhanced by the varied restaurants in Dubai that have interesting entertainment spots, which give an authentic cosmopolitan display of choices for the visitors who are hunting for the best places to eat in Dubai and a Dubai restaurant that serves exquisite food that is light and easy on the pocket.

Dubai restaurants are a place for an unforgettable culinary adventure. One can easily observe that most restaurants in Dubai serve and draw a significant number of not only local residents but foreign travellers as well. Places to eat in Dubai are speckled with the kind of Dubai restaurant, which covers everything from fine dining to cafés and even food speciality shops.

Restaurant DubaiMany visitors would say that Dubai Restaurants are excellent venues to taste and experience all kinds of Gulf and Middle Eastern cuisine. Most places to eat in Dubai serve Arabian food, which makes up a vital part of many buffet spreads in any Dubai restaurant and other famous restaurants in Dubai that is well-visited by locals and foreigners alike.

The quality and standards of international cuisine in Dubai restaurants are very high. Restaurants in Dubai have world class European chefs that can be located in metropolitan hotels. Places to eat in Dubai serve food that ranges from European to Mediterranean , Greek, Italian, Germany and British cuisines. Most Dubai restaurant also serve Asian cuisines like Japanes, Thai, Korean, Filipino and Chinese. There are also some Dubai restaurants that offer American and Mexican food.

Any well-travelled person would know that the emirate is a city full of the best Dubai restaurants to visit. One can never get tired of dining at restaurants in Dubai and the places to eat in Dubai will always draw most people back, over and over again, to experience and be hypnotized by the culinary adventure that every Dubai restaurant can offer.

Some of the many Dubai restaurants that offer such immaculate services are the Dubai restaurants such as Signatures, La Baie , Al Muntaha, and the Al Boom Floating Restaurant. The food served in places to eat in Dubai like these restaurants in Dubai are of world class quality that makes dining in a Dubai restaurant a very unique, memorable and relaxing experience.