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Dubai Jobs

Dubai has rapidly grown into a leading tourism and real estate capital of the world. It has gained the status of a progressive employment capital. A lot of international companies in the field of construction, hospitality, finance, media etc are setting business in Dubai. They need a lot of qualified staff to work with them and hence there are great job opportunities here....

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Dubai Palm Islands

Dubai Shopping

Dubai, the shopping capital of the Middle East, is a shopper’s paradise! What better way to spend your leisure time and beat the Dubai heat than go on a shopping spree in one of the many classy air-conditioned shopping malls which adorn the Dubai landscape.....

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Besides the Burj-al-Arab, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotel accommodation which is generally considered to be of very high standard and great value for the money. The range includes everything from budget hotel Dubai accommodation to luxury hotels. ...

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Dubai Entertainment

Burj Dubai

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the tallest tower of them all? Very soon the answer will be “Burj Dubai”. Burj Dubai is an Arabic word which means "Dubai Tower" when translated to English. This soon to be the tallest man made structure in the world is currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ...

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Dubai Jobs

Dubai Events

Dubai Shopping Festival

Ask many people about Dubai and they will immediate regale you with accounts of the Dubai Shopping Festival. This festival » click here for more Dubai Shopping festival

Dubai Summer Surprises

In the middle of soaring degrees of high temperature summer when people are afraid of coming out of their air conditioned homes and offices, government conducts series of fun activities for the entire family. These events are
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Dubai Desert Classic

The Emirates Golf Club has been host to the Dubai Desert Classic ever since it became an annual event of the European PGA Tour in 1989. Every year » click here for more Dubai Desert Classic

Dubai Tennis Open

One of the biggest tournaments of the tennis year, in the sporting capital of the Middle East, the Dubai Open is highly regarded by players and spectators as a favorite » click here for more Dubai Tennis Open

Dubai World Cup

Dubai now hosts World Cups for Horse and Camel Races. This world championship race offers the highest prize there is - a whopping $6 million. The competition is cut-throat and » click here for more Dubai World Cup

Dubai International Sailing Week

International Sailing Week is a time for everyone in Dubai, whether visiting for business or pleasure, to go down to the sea in ships. This annual event sponsored by » click here for more Dubai International Sailing Week

Dubai Rugby 7s

Rugby is definitely a contact sport, and nowhere is it played more ferociously than in Dubai. The annual Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby 7s held every December is the first » click here for more Dubai Rugby 7's

UAE Desert Challenge

Every year, Dubai serves as the starting point of an event which determines the winner of both the auto and motorcycle Cross Country Rally World Cups. While in Dubai » click here for more UAE Desert Challenge

Dubai Marathon

For those of you fit and in shape, try running through the breathtaking city of Dubai in this 10K marathon or 3K charity race. The start and finish points of the race are » click here for more Dubai Marathon

Dubai Sports City

An entire Sports City known as Dubai Sports City is constructed to encourage sports among new generation here. This sprawling complex (50 million square feet) is a dream » click here for more Dubai Sports City

Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai film festivalThe desert metropolis of Dubai is adding to its exotic allure. Joining the ranks of international markets like Cannes, Sundance in Utah, Telluride and Milan, the Dubai International Film Festival is rapidly becoming a choice venue for cine goers looking to promote and finance commercial, feature or documentary films. More than 100 films are featured, from Hollywood blockbusters to Indian subcontinent productions, highlighting excellence in Arab filmmaking. Recently Dubai also started making films in local film city which is under construction. Functioning as a new " Cultural Bridge", the goal of this film festival is to promote knowledge and understanding between Arab and non-Arab nations. Check the website for information on event dates, film schedule and venues. www.dubaifilmfest.com

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX)

Gulf Information Technology ExhibitionGITEX, one of the world's three best Information Technology Exhibitions, celebrated a triumphant silver jubilee recently (year 2005). Through the years, as the popularity of GITEX increases, more and more countries participate and represent their IT progress. Watch the Chinese and Indian - two major Asian economies - compete and project their respective growth plans. Pavilions from Germany, United Kingdom, France and many more countries will also guide you into the realm of technology. So, get set to amaze yourself by the latest in the computer, power, mobile communication, satellite, banking, e-government and plasma worlds. Admission is 60 dirham ($16) for all five days or else, you would have to pay 25 dirham ($7) for a single day. It's a big event - make sure to be there and get tech-savvy!

Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr

RamadanThe month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a special time for Muslims all around the world. And in Muslim cities it acquires a special significance. For the whole of Ramadan, the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, abstaining from food and water. With the onset of the dark, however, a veritable feast is laid out for the fasting individuals, and in Dubai, the whole city comes alive to partake of delicacies available both on the streets and in restaurants. Ramadan ends with the arrival of the new moon on the last day of fasting, and heralds a day of celebration called Eid ul Fitr.

Eid ul Fitr signals the end of the long fasts held during the month of Ramadan. Fasting on this day is forbidden; instead, the whole day is dedicated to celebrations and good cheer. Muslim families’ visit mosques, relatives get together, and a general feeling of good-will spreads throughout the city as one and all celebrate the close of Ramadan.

Dubai Desert Rock Festival

DubaidesertrockThe best raw rock bands vie for recognition at this annual festival that threatens to bring the house down with its energy. Started in 2004, the festival has grown into one of the hottest talent searches in the state, with guest performances by Megadeth and Machine Head. Scream your lungs out as you sway to thundering beats and squealing guitars. Plenty of food is available on-site; one can tank up on some much-needed fuel as and when required. Don't forget to pick up a souvenir from the front desk on your way out. Visit the Web site to get updates on ticket booking and schedules. www.desertrockfestival.com

Dubai International Jazz Festival

Dubai jazz festivalDubai Media City comes alive with residents and tourists all having a great time as they take in the lakeside venue and the tunes belted out by the likes of Stanley Jordan, Archie Shepp, Marcia Maria and The Orchestra “ELO”. Experience beautiful international jazz music in this well developed, thriving state. Hit the Web site for ticket information and dance your feet sore in this party-crazy city: www.dubaijazzfest.com

Desert Rhythm Festival

Desert rhythm dubaiWhat better occasion to meet your favorite eastern stars like Khaled and Mustafa Sandal than this rocking festival within the heart of this Gulf Emirate? But wait—this is not just another music concert, but a cultural fiesta of rhythm and harmony. Listen to culture beats from South Africa, Algeria, Turkey and the USA, among numerous others, making this a potpourri of musical styles. Get further details here: www.csmentertains.com